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1/28/21 - Design Commission Hearing Agenda

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Items of Interest

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Briefing - PBOT Pedestrian Design Guide

Update the Commission with the in-progress update to the Portland Pedestrian Design Guide. Topics to be discussed include:

3.  (3:45-5:15)

EA 20-224880 DA - CVS

  • CITY CONTACT: Art Graves, BDS, 503-865-6517  Arthur.graves@portlandoregon.gov 

  • APPLICANT: Nick Wecker | Barghausen Consulting Engineers Inc.

  • SITE: 1525 SE Grand Avenue

DAR for a proposed new 12,450 sf single-story retail development on a full block site. The building will be located in approximately the same area of the site as the existing fast food restaurant that is being demolishing. The project will include on-site parking with approximately 28 parking stalls, a drive-through with queuing lane is proposed along the west elevation.

Discussion: To include proposed early design concept, drive-through and queuing locations, appropriate response to area context, pedestrian realm and surrounding transportation infrastructure, as well as challenges created by potential Modifications to: Required Building Lines (PZC 33.510.215 and Map 510-6); Ground Floor Windows (PZC 33.510.220); and Setbacks (PZC 33.140.215.C.1.e.(6)).

Note: This proposal was submitted for Design Review on August 04, 2020, and is using applicable code. The land use number for the Design Review is LU 20-174352 DZ, where it is currently “incomplete”.

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