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12/17/20 - Design Commission Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing

Regularly scheduled Design Commission Hearings are the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

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1.  (1:30-1:35) 

Items of Interest

2.  (1:35-2:35)

 Briefing -  Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge - Bridge Type Selection Update

3.  (2:45-3:45)

LU 20-134841 DZM - Multnomah County Behavioral Health Resource Center   

CONTINUED FROM 11/5/20: Type III Design Review for proposed exterior alterations to the Modish Building and its adjoining parking lot immediately to the north in the Downtown Subdistrict of the Central City Plan District. Proposed alterations to the existing building include accessibility upgrades, replacement and expansion of ground floor storefront and doors, new canopies over sidewalks, replacement of windows on the upper stories, leveling the roof, ecoroof installation, removal of window openings on the south elevation, and installation of new windows and doors on the north elevation. Nine Modifications are requested to required building line, ground floor windows, and windows in street-facing facades standards.

4.  (3:55-5:25)

LU 20-142186 DZM - 7430 S Miles Place   

Type II Appeal of a Design Review with Modifications approval for exterior alterations to an existing two-story, single-dwelling residence. The project will be built on the existing building footprint, the first and second floors of the existing house will remain, and a new third and fourth floor will be added. The proposed final project will be a four-story, single-dwelling structure.

Please Keep in mind

  • The agenda is subject to change.

  • Agenda items may be rescheduled.

  • Times are estimates only and agenda item times may change.

  • Projects are reviewed in the order listed with a 10 minute break between agenda items.

  • All continuances and reschedules are requested by the applicant, unless otherwise noted.