Design Commission Members


The Design Commission consists of seven members, none of whom may hold public elective office. 

The Commission must include a representative of the Regional Arts and Culture Council, one person representing the public at-large, and five members experienced in either urban planning, design, architecture, landscape architecture, natural resource management, sustainable building practices or land development. No more than two members may be appointed from any one of these areas of expertise. 

The Regional Arts and Culture Council member is nominated by the Regional Arts and Culture Council chair and approved by the Mayor. The other members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The term shall be maximum 4 years, limited to a maximum of two full terms.

Current Design Commission members

NameMembership CategoryTerm Expires
Brian McCarter, ChairLandscape Architect 11/19/2026 [2nd Term]
Chandra Robinson, Vice ChairArchitect6/30/2027 [2nd Term]
Tina BuePublic at Large5/14/27 [1st Term]
Samuel RodriguezDeveloper11/1/24 [2nd Term]
Zari SantnerRACC4/30/2026 [2nd Term]
Joe SwankDeveloper5/14/27 [1st Term]

Primary Staff to the Design Commission: Tim Heron, 503-823-7726