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About the Design Commission

Learn more about the Design Commission. Authorized under Portland City Code 33.710.050, the Design Commission provides leadership and expertise on urban design and architecture and on maintaining and enhancing Portland's historical and architectural heritage.

Design Commission

The Design Commission powers and duties

  1. Recommending the establishment, amendment, or removal of a design district to the Planning Commission and City Council, except Historic Districts and Conservation Districts;
  2. Developing design guidelines for adoption by City Council for all design districts except Historic Districts and Conservation Districts;
  3. Reviewing major developments within design districts, except those projects involving or located within the following:
    a) Historic Districts;
    b) Conservation Districts;
    c) Historic Landmarks; and
    d) Conservation Landmarks
  4. Reviewing other land use requests assigned to the Design Commission; and
  5. Providing advice on design matters to the Hearings Officer, Planning Commission, Historic Landmarks Commission, Portland Development Commission, and City Council.

The Commission meets the first and third Thursday of each month at 1:30 PM in conference room 2500A, 2nd floor of 1900 SW 4th Avenue.


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