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Quick links to applications for building permits, trade permits and zoning permits. Get step-by-step instructions for how to apply for a permit. Find out what to include with your application to make sure it is complete. Then, apply for a permit online or in person with an appointment.
This application must accompany requests for building permits, site development permits and zoning permits. You can find quick links to the separate electrical permit, mechanical permit and the plumbing permit application forms and the simple erosion control requirements form, too.
About the Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
Learn more about how to appeal a tree permit decision. Request an administrative review of any public notice about City Code Title 11. Ask for review of a development decision. Get information about the tree permit appeals process and the administrative review application.
You can apply for residential and commercial building permits (including revisions and deferred submittals), and trade permits (electrical, plumbing and mechanical) online or in person. Submit a building permit application online or pay for a permit online with Development Hub PDX.
Learn more about cleaning up asbestos and lead paint in the City of Portland. Find out how to report concerns to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board and the Oregon Health Authority.
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The Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) deals with the complex technical, regulatory, social and economic issues involved in developing and promulgating building earthquake risk mitigation provisions that are national in scope.

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Learn more about trees and development on City-owned or Managed Sites and Projects in the Right-of-Way. This page is for Capital Improvement Projects, Development on City-owned or Managed sites, & Projects in the Right-of-Way.
Look up the status of a City of Portland building permit review using Portland Maps.
You've corrected your plans in response to the checksheets. In this tutorial, learn how to organize your updated plans with the old plans, complete the checksheet response form, and schedule a drop-off appointment. The checksheet response form is included. Note: This is for Paper Plans only!
City and State codes and rules guides. Review all of the City and State codes and administrative rules carried out by Development Services. Find all codes, program guides and administrative rules on this page. Review MOUs/IGAs and request a code change.
Information on how to apply for commercial alteration- tenant improvement building permits and get inspections. Includes all required applications, forms and handouts for TI permits.
Learn more about what kind of commercial construction needs a permit. Find out if you need a day care center building permit, a seismic upgrade permit and what permits you need for new construction or for alterations. Includes multifamily building permits information.
The Bureau of Development Services recognizes that in order to better serve our customers and the community, we need to continually look for ways to improve key processes that result in more efficient, predictable and transparent service. 
Information on how to apply for Commercial New Construction and Addition Building Permits and get inspections. Get all required forms and permit instructions including the commercial building permit application.
General information about commercial permit inspections, including inspector district maps and contact information. Learn more about condo permit inspections, apartment inspections, new construction inspections, triplex inspections and more.
For general questions on permit applications and status of existing permits, please call the Facilities Permit Program (FPP) phone number.
Get information about permit requirements in the City of Portland.
Learn more about the City's specific tree plan requirements. Get a worksheet to help you complete your tree plan. Find out what the City inspector and consulting arborist must agree upon. Learn more about creating a tree project narrative and what that must include. Get help with your tree plan.
Learn about applying for a decommission permit in the City of Portland, in Multnomah County. Get all required forms to decommission a cesspool, septic tank or seepage pit.
​​​​​​​Design advice requests (DAR) are a form of early assistance and a way to get feedback on early design concepts before a land use review. An applicant may request design advice from the Design Commission. You may also request design advice from the Historic Landmarks Commission.
Overview of the development and permit review processes. This page provides a general overview about building and development in Portland. Information on construction review and inspections.
Help us improve. We always look for ways to improve key processes that result in faster, better service.
Please note: Due to COVID-19, the Development Services Center is closed to walk-in customers. Access is limited to those who have pre-scheduled appointments to pick up or drop off paper plans. Please review the information contained here to access the services of the Bureau of Development Services.
Get help with a new project proposal in the City of Portland. Find the early assistance application and review a land use fee schedule.