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Radio Frequency Transmission Facilities

Find information about radio frequency (RF) and wireless facilities. Learn more about mutual tolling options for cell phone antennae mounted on buildings and cell towers, TV broadcasting equipment and more.
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Cellular communications tower

Portland’s Zoning Code identifies RF facilities as a land use category. It includes all devices, equipment, machinery, structures or supporting elements necessary to produce non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation within the range of frequencies from 100 KHz to 300 GHz operating as a discrete unit to produce a signal or message.

RF installations include Personal Wireless Service Facilities like cell phone antennae mounted on buildings and cell towers. They also include television broadcasting equipment, and other similar facilities.

New Radio Frequency Transmission (RF) Facilities on private land require a commercial building permit, and may also require a land use review.

Radio Frequency facilities in the right-of-way

The Office for Community Technology (OCT) administers and reviews requests for wireless carrier macro sites located within the public right-of-way (ROW), e.g., attachments on utility poles located near the road or sidewalk.  ROW permits are administrative permits in public streets.  ROW siting and administrative permits are not governed by the zoning code.  

FCC shot clocks, early assistance, tolling and other options

Get information about FCC Shot Clocks. Learn more about how federal shot clocks affect your project and the application process. 

Personal wireless service facility permit applications

Apply online for a personal wireless service facilities permit. Get all application forms and find how to complete an application.

Review of Radio Frequency (RF) transmission facilities 

Learn more about radio frequency transmission facilities permits, land use reviews and zoning code. Find out about the personal wireless service facility review process.

Personal wireless service facilities land use review fee schedule

Get estimates for personal wireless service facilities land use reviews. Learn more about estimated fees for land use reviews.

Lunch & Learn presentation

Personal Wireless Service Facilities powerpoint presentation from August 25, 2021.