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Process Management - Project Types

Learn about large commercial permits eligible for process management. Projects valued at $10 million or more, are eligible. Find out if your large commercial project is right for process management and start working with a Portland Permitting & Development Process Manager today.
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Process Management works with customers on many types of complex commercial projects and provides assistance depending on the needs of the customer, where you are in the development process and the type of project.

If your project is included in one of the following categories Process Management may be able to assist you. 

Large commercial projects valued at more than $10 million 

Large commercial projects with valuations greater than $10 million. These include complex commercial projects with numerous challenges similar to the mid-size category. Projects in this category include downtown high rises, condominium or office towers with mixed retail uses, medical facilities, industrial sites and projects with major infrastructure improvement components.

Major projects valued at more than $70 million 

Major projects with valuations greater than $70 million. A specialized program is available for customers working on the largest and most complex commercial projects. The Major Projects Group program (MPG) is a fee-based program. It includes expanded facilitation services and early, ongoing review of design documents as they are being developed. Current capacity allows for up to 3 projects per year to be accepted into this program.

Other large commercial projects 

If your project does not seem to fit into any of these categories but you think you might need the assistance of a Process Manager, please send us an email.