Emergency Quick Inspection Program (EQUIP)

After an earthquake, if you're part of EQUIP, you don't have to wait for the City to evaluate your commercial building. EQUIP is a pre-certified building safety evaluation program. Request an invitation to apply.
Two men in hard hats looking at a damaged building. One holds a tablet while pointing up. They are surrounded by rubble.
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Purpose of EQUIP

It is the City’s responsibility to assess the safety of buildings after a seismic event. Buildings will vary in their level of damage. We need to evaluate the safety of a building before you can reoccupy it.

We give priority to areas of greatest public hazard and buildings that are critical to the City's functioning. You'll have to wait for us to get to your building before you can resume business.

Once you are accepted into EQUIP, you can respond quickly after an earthquake. Your pre-approved inspection team can evaluate the safety of your building and you will not need to wait for our assessment. This allows you to get back to business.

EQUIP is fee-based and must be renewed every three years.

Who is EQUIP for?

Building owners of

  • commercial buildings
  • institutions (i.e., universities, hospitals)

EQUIP is now accepting applications. If you would like to apply, please email us at EQUIP@portlandoregon.gov with any questions. Applications received before June 30, 2024 will not be charged the application fee.

How to apply for EQUIP

  1. Download the Emergency Quick Inspection Program (EQUIP) Manual which includes the application.

  2. Complete the forms in Appendices A-D of the Emergency Quick Inspection Program (EQUIP) Manual.

  3. When you're ready to apply, email us at EQUIP@portlandoregon.gov. We will respond with instructions on how to submit your application.

  4. Bureau of Development Services (BDS) structural engineers will review your application.
    • We aim to complete the review within 20 work days.
    • If we have questions, we will contact the safety evaluation team lead (identified in Appendix A).

  5. Once approved, the applicant should prepare a physical binder with the EQUIP documentation and store it with the rest of the evaluation plans and supplies in the EQUIP pre-certified building.

  6. When BDS receives the final electronic application file, the applicant will get:
    • signed, scanned copies of each appendix;
    • a dated, official letter of acceptance into EQUIP;
    • official City placards for posting at building entrances; and
    • a certificate of approval to display in the building.

  7. BDS will add the facility to the list of approved EQUIP facilities and to the EQUIP GIS layer in Portland Maps.

Questions or need help? Email us at EQUIP@portlandoregon.gov

Request to join EQUIP by email (EQUIP@portlandoregon.gov)

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