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Commercial Reroof Permit and Inspection Program

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Find the Commercial Reroof Permit registration and agreement form. Read more about the commercial re-roof permit and inspection process. And, get the reroof program guide. You can buy five (5) reroof permits after you register.
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About the commercial re-roof permits and inspections program

We developed the program with Associated Roofing Contractors. This program is optional. Contractors may also decide to get permits and inspections using our standard processes.

What you need to know:

  • Commercial roofing contractors must register with us to use the program.
  • Contractors must agree to the conditions of the agreement. 
  • You can pre-purchase up to five (5) commercial reroof permits.
  • Visit the program guide: 

Step 1: Define the scope and fees 


A commercial building permit may be required instead of being able to use a reroof label.

  • Sheathing replacement: If you switch out a product and install a product of the same type (like for like), we may accept roughly 10%. Any additional replacements can require a commercial permit at the inspector’s discretion.
  • Adding sheathing over existing sheathing or skip sheathing is allowed under a reroof permit, only if an engineer’s letter is provided verifying the roofs load capacity is adequate. See Program Guide Section V. ((A)(2)).

Fees for commercial reroof permits 

Visit the Building and Other Permits fee schedule for the permit cost. You can use keyboard commands Ctrl +F to find "roof."

Step 2: Apply for a commercial reroof permit  

Please fill out all of the fields on the registration and agreement form. You must include the CCB (Construction Contractors Board) number and City of Portland Business License Number. 

Complete and sign the form, then scan the form and email it to the Commercial Reroofs team for review. You'll get a book of reroof labels returned to you. Our inspections team will provide you with an IVR number to use for inspections.

Step 3: Get your commercial reroof labels 

After you pay the fees, Inspections Services will set up your label or labels. Then:

  • We'll send you an invoice with payment options. 
  • After you pay your invoice, we'll mail you the labels. 
  • Fill out your commercial reroof labels completely, then email the labels to Inspections.
  • We'll add the site information to your labels.

Please contact the Commercial Reroof Inspections team for questions about your reroof labels.

Step 4: Schedule a commercial reroof inspection

Once the permit is issued, we'll email you an IVR number. Use the IVR number to set up an inspection. Do not cover the work without inspection.

If more than one roof label was used for a project, you will need all the IVR numbers or permit numbers to schedule a reroof inspection.

To schedule an inspection, call 503-823-7000. Again, you will need the IVR number(s) or permit number(s) to schedule a reroof inspection. 

You will be prompted to enter in the inspection codes

295 – Other/Consultation: If you have questions and wish to have the inspector on-site to discuss your project. This is optional.

These are the required inspections you will need:

285 - Roofing Inspection: The assigned inspector will look at the underlying materials i.e., the plywood and the basic wooden structure.

999 – Final: After the 285 - Roofing inspection has been completed and approved and the project is ready for Final Inspection.

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