Tentative labor agreement reached

The City of Portland and LiUNA – Laborers Local 483 announce a tentative agreement, ending labor strike effective 1am, Sunday Feb 5, 2023

Commercial Mechanical Code Guides

Find all commercial mechanical code guides administered by Development Services. Code guides provide answers about the application of specific codes and outline optional alternates. Get code guides that explain how codes and rules are applied.

The question or alternate described in each code guide is listed below the code guide link.

  • Is there an alternate to providing the prescriptive 1.5 CFM per square foot exhaust ventilation that is specified in the code for enclosed parking garages? 
  •  Under what conditions will BDS allow the use and installation of UL listed recirculating hood systems in commercial cooking applications?
  •  Does the City of Portland require a Type II hood over counter top type dishwashing machines in commercial installations?
  • Are there any circumstances where a Type II hood is allowed for use in food processing areas? 
  • There are several unvented room heaters available on the market for installation in residential occupancies. Are these vent free appliances allowed for installation in the City of Portland? 
  •  Do all cannabis production and processing facilities need a building permit to be considered a legal facility? If so, what are the building and permit requirements for these facilities?
  •  The Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code (OMSC) Section 504 states that screens shall not be allowed at the duct termination of clothes dryer exhaust vents. Is there an alternative to a fully clear opening at the duct termination?
  • Can pressure testing of refrigerant piping for space heating and cooling systems in non-hazardous locations and occupancies be approved with photographs?

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