City and State Codes, Administrative Rules, Code Guides and Program Guides

City and State building codes and administrative rules, code guides and program guides. Review the City and State codes and administrative rules carried out by Development Services. Find all codes, program guides and administrative rules on this page. Request a code change.
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The Bureau of Development Services carries out City and State codes and administrative rules. Get code and program guides that explain how the codes and rules are applied.

State Building Codes and Administrative Rules

State building codes and related administrative rules and interpretations are listed below.

City Codes

The Bureau of Development Services administers the following City codes:

Bureau of Planning & Sustainability administers the following City codes related to permitting:

City Administrative Rules

Administrative rules clarify the intent of Portland City codes or create standards to comply with Portland City codes.

Determination of Rough Proportionality for Major Public Trail Requirements

Parade Event Marking

Private Rights-of-Way

Special Inspection Program - Temporary Rules

Search all Development Services policies.

Code Guides

Code guides provide answers about the application of specific codes.

Business Practice Policies

Business Practice Policies are policies related to business operations of Bureau of Development Services and the Development Services Center at the discretion of the Bureau of Development Services Director.

Program Guides

Program guides provide information on various complex BDS programs and processes.

Development Services Director's Interpretations

Building Official Determinations

Transportation Codes & Guides

How to Request a Code Change