Code Evaluation Inspections, Gas Express and Minor Label Programs

Learn more about code evaluation inspections. Find information about converting water heaters and furnaces to gas. Read about small electrical and plumbing project inspections in the City of Portland. Get the minor mechanical label application and read the minor mechanical labels program guide.
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Code evaluation inspections

This is not a beneficial service provided by the City. You must be the homeowner. You have 30 days to bring the deficiencies into compliance or be subject to enforcement fees. Things to know about code evaluation inspections:

  • We offer structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code evaluation inspections.
  • You may be able to pay for and request a code evaluation inspection.
  • You must agree to bring everything up to code after the inspection. 

Converting furnaces and water heaters to gas

NW Natural and the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services offer the Gas Express Program. This is for customers changing furnaces and water heaters to gas in existing one and two-family homes. Benefits include:

  • Faster gas turn-on for customers
  • Simplifies the process by eliminating BDS inspection at the time of gas turn-on
  • Fewer trips to the site for NW Natural and BDS employees

The program has several exclusions. It doesn't cover new construction, commercial and multi-family structures or room additions. It also doesn't cover remodels that need a building permit. To take part, qualified or approved contractors must attend orientation and sign the Gas Express Agreement. For more information about the program, please contact NW Natural at (503) 220-2372. You can also contact the Development Services Residential Inspections line.

Small electrical and plumbing projects (Minor Label Program)

The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) started the Minor Label Program. The inspection program uses minor installation labels and random inspections. This might be an option for you. This can replace regular electrical and plumbing permits for some small electrical and plumbing projects

The state Building Codes Division runs this program in the Portland metro area. Call them at 503-378-4133 or visit them online for more information.

Minor mechanical label application and minor mechanical labels program guide 

There is also a City of Portland minor mechanical label application and more information about the program online: