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Lien Reduction Review Program

City of Portland property owners with liens on their properties due to code enforcement violations can request a lien reduction review. Find out if you can get a lien balance reduced. Learn more about code enforcement liens and how to apply for lien reduction review.
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The lien reduction review program applies to all property owners who have had code enforcement liens placed against their properties by Development Services for code violations. This includes code violations like building, housing, nuisance, zoning, sign and more. The program allows for potential reduction of lien balances on closed enforcement cases.

Code enforcement liens

  • A lien is the result of a fee or fine attached to a property that is out of compliance with the City of Portland’s building, property maintenance and/or zoning codes.
  • Property owners receive multiple notifications, deadlines and waiver options before a lien is assessed.
  • If a property has a lien on it, it may be difficult to sell, refinance or borrow against it.
  • Liens do not expire, they can remain an encumbrance on the property’s title for many years, accruing additional penalties, billing charges, and interest if not addressed by the property owner.
  • Once liens are paid in full the lien is satisfied and removed from the City Lien Docket.
  • If a lien is not paid within 365 days of assessment it is placed on the City of Portland’s pre-foreclosure list.

Please note:

  • Hard costs charges are not eligible for reduction. These include contractor abatements, demolitions, code hearings charges and Title Reports and Auditor’s Office charges.
  • It can take several weeks for the lien review to be completed.
  • A lien reduction offer letter is mailed after the review is completed.
  • Payment plans up for to five years are available for property owners if they cannot pay a lien in full.    

Request a lien reduction review online

If you have lien(s) on a property with closed enforcement case(s) you may request a lien reduction review. 

You can ask for a lien reduction review online, by email or by phone: 

In your request:

  • Explain any reasons or circumstances that BDS should consider for a possible lien reduction.

  • Include documents like last year(s) tax forms if you qualify for low income.

  • Include contractor receipts showing work completion date(s) or other information that can help with the decision.

Please do not request a single lien reduction more than once as this slows our response time. 

City rules and policies regarding lien reduction review

Visit the City Auditor's website for the complete administrative rule about the lien reduction case review process.