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Check Permit Timelines

Get real-time, updated information about all building permits activity, BDS permit trends and the time it takes to issue permits. Statistics and data goes back to 2019. Find out what can affect the different stages of a permit’s review. Information is updated hourly on business days.

This information is about all Development Services permits. If you need information about a specific permit, please search for permits on Portland Maps.

This is a screen shot of the Portland Permit Metric Dashboard that illustrates the performance of the city's building permit system across key metrics.

Anyone can view real-time information about all Development Services building permits. The Portland Permit Metric Dashboard shows:

  • All permit activity over the past 20 business days.
  • Permit trends since January 2019.
  • The average time it takes to issue a permit.

The dashboard has three areas. The first area shows residential and commercial permitsapproved in the past 20 business days. It also shows the number of business days for:

  • Intake Request to Permit Setup: This is the initial application status for a permit. Here permit technicians set up the permit application and make sure it meets requirements.
  • Pre-Issuance to Approved to Issue: This is when customers send us updated information requested by the permit technicians. We then review the new information before completing the application.
  • Permit Setup to Issuance: This covers the entire period from permit setup to permit completion.

The second area of the dashboard shows year-by-year figures since 2019. This includes all commercial and residential construction permit requests received.

The third area of the dashboard explains the stages of a permit. This starts with the request for a permit and ends when the project can begin. Users can:

  • filter to show calendar or fiscal year data from 2019 to today.
  • see how deferred submittals affect different phases of a permit. Deferred submittals are when the review of parts of a project are deferred until after we issue a permit.
  • see revised permits where changes in a project’s design after a permit is issued require further review by city permit technicians and plan reviewers.

This dashboard does not show the time between when we issue the permit and final inspections, when construction activity starts or after a project is completed.

View the Permit Metric Dashboard

The Review Team Dashboard allows a user to see how much time it takes different permit review teams within the City’s permitting bureaus to review permits. You can also see how much time is spent waiting for applicants to respond to requests by City bureaus for updated permit information or plans. It allows users to filter information by calendar or fiscal year (since 2019), permit types, project valuations, permit review groups, type of work, project valuations and numbers of reviews.

View the Review Team Dashboard