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This page contains information and resources for your City of Portland’s cannabis license application process.
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Application and License Fees

TypeApplication FeeLicense Fee
Retail, Wholesaler, Producer/Processor$525.00$3,675.00
Retail Courier, Micro Wholesaler, Micro Producer Tier 1 or Tier 2$210.00$1,050.00

Please see a complete list of fees in the document below.

Application Information

Application Checklists

Looking to apply for a license? These checklists will guide you through everything you need before submitting your application! 

New License Applications

Marijuana Regulatory License Application: Log in or create an account on our Civic Portal to apply for a license to produce, process, and sell cannabis and cannabis products. 

Log in or create an account here on Civic Portal here

OLCC Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) Form: The city uses this form to determine if a land use proposal is in line with local government land use plans and regulations. Check out this LUCS walkthrough.

Get the LUCS form here  

License Renewal Applications

  • When it’s time to renew, log in to your Civic Portal account and locate your license on my records tab and click on the link in the Action column.

    PLEASE NOTE:  If any updates or changes need to be made, you will need to submit an amendment prior to submitting your renewal. Similarly, if you are planning to enroll in the Deferred Payment Program or License Fee Reduction Program, you are required to submit requests prior to submitting your renewal application.

Temporary Closures

If your business intends on temporarily closing for 30-days or more, please submit a temporary closure form through the Civic Portal, under the Cannabis tab 

Licenses under temporary closure are still required to remain in compliance with all City of Portland regulations.

Reduced Fee Program

Do you have a small cannabis business? Have staff or owners impacted by cannabis convictions? Contract with vendors on Oregon's Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Emerging Small Business (MWESB) list? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, you may be eligible for our Reduced Fee Program which includes a reduction in permit fees. Log into your Civic Portal account and apply.

Deadline Extension and Deferred Payment Applications

  • Deadline Extension Request: Log in to your Civic Portal account and apply for a deadline extension. If you are not granted an extension, your deadline remains your original deadline. For instructions on how to submit a deadline extension request click this link 
  • Deferred Payment Plan Request: Log in to your Civic Portal account to request payment deferral for your license fee.

Please note there are new guidelines regarding the Deferred Payment Program and Change of Ownership. "If approved for a deferred payment, and an application is submitted for a change of ownership of the location, the full license balance will need to be paid prior to change of ownership being approved"

Please refer to the follow guidelines for additional information: 24.01.16_Cannabis_Program_Guidelines.pdf

Administrative Review 


Map Showing Medical Dispensaries, Marijuana Retailers, and K-12 Schools: Portland City Code 14B.130 requires Medical Dispensaries and Marijuana Retailers to be at least 1,000 feet from K-12 schools. The map ONLY shows locations for which the Cannabis Program has received an application for a Medical Dispensary or Marijuana Retailer, as well as K-12 schools. This map is NOT updated in real time. There may be schools, Medical Dispensaries or Marijuana Retailers that are licensed or whose applications are under review that are not shown on this map. Applicants CANNOT and SHOULD NOT rely on this map for verification that a Medical Dispensary or Marijuana Retailer location is further than 1,000 feet from a school. You can access the map here.

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Portland Cannabis Application Frequently Asked Questions: Learn about our program, what we do and why we're here! Read FAQs here.

Building Permits: Cannabis production and processing facilities typically need several building permits to legally operate. Applicants should consult with design professionals as part of their planning process. In most circumstances, plans must be stamped by an architect or licensed engineer to comply with state building code requirement.

  • Cannabis Facilities Code Guide: This document provides information on commercial building and mechanical permitting for cannabis businesses. Read more. 
  • Commercial Permitting: For more information on commercial permitting, please visit the Bureau of Development Services (BDS). Visit their website here.
  • Cannabis Industry Guide: This documentis designed to help you successfully navigate Civic Life and BDS requirements. Read more.
  • Guide to Environmental Requirements: An overview of environmental requirements for cannabis facilities. Read More.

Portland City Code (PCC) 14B.130: Portland's Marijuana Policy Program is guided by PCC 14B.130, and changes can ONLY be made in a vote from Portland City Council; our program cannot change this on our own. Read city code here.

Administrative Guidelines: Administrative guidelines on application procedures and processes. Read guidelines here.

Cannabis Facilities Code Guide: Guide for commercial building and mechanical permitting for cannabis businesses. Read code guide here.

Information on laboratories and research facilities: If you are a marijuana laboratory or research facility, please visit this page for important information about licensing.

Public records request: Make a public records request here.

Information on marijuana taxes: The State of Oregon is responsible for collecting BOTH the 17% State tax AND the 3% City tax on Adult-use marijuana sales. Please click this link for more information.