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Building and Zoning Permit Application

You need a building permit application for building permits, site development permits and zoning permits. You can find quick links to the separate electrical permit, mechanical permit and the plumbing permit application forms and the simple erosion control requirements form, too.
How to find the rules that apply to your property | Zoning Information Line | Portland Maps

All building and zoning permits require a standard set of forms and plans. The requirements depend on the project type and the scope of work.  

Applications for building permits and electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits

Building permit application:  

Other permit applications you may need for your project:

What you need for a complete permit application and how to apply

Most projects also require you to submit plans that describe the project. The plans must also show compliance with code requirements. The requirements are different depending upon project type and your proposed scope of work. An example site plan and list of requirements: 

You can apply online for a permit or drop plans off in person with an appointment. You can also learn more about the permit review process

Search Portland.gov for a project type to find out what you need for a complete application. For example, search for "Commercial Alteration" or "Residential Decks."  

Owner doing the work

If you are a homeowner acting as a general contractor, be aware of the responsibilities listed in this handout from the State of Oregon to prevent problems.

Meet with us to talk about your project 

If you have questions after reviewing the information on this page, we recommend you book a free 15-minute appointment with us.  We're here for you if you have questions about the information and materials you need to apply.