Contact Development Services: Department Phone Numbers

Get the BDS department contacts list. General phone numbers for Development Services including code enforcement, general inquiries, inspections, permitting and more. Get email addresses and contact information for Development Services. Need the BDS organizational chart, start here.
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General inquiries

Most calls begin with General inquiries. They will route your call to someone who can help. General inquiries • 503-823-7300

Building Code Appeals

General phone number for Building Code Appeals • 503-823-7335

Building Code Plan Review 

General phone number for Building Code Plan Review • 503-823-1456

Code Enforcement (Property Compliance)

General phone number for Property Compliance • 503-823-CODE (2633)

Development Services Center

General phone number for the Development Services Center • 503-823-7310

Development Hub PDX Help 

General phone number for Development Hub PDX Support • 503-823-1304

General phone number for Development Hub PDX Trade Permit Support • 503-823-7420

Erosion Control

General phone number for Erosion Control • 503-823-0900

Facility Permits Program

General phone number for the Facility Permits Program • 503-823-5996

Field Issuance Remodel (FIR)

General phone number for the Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) program • 503-823-6691


General phone number for Residential inspections • 503-823-7388

General phone number for Commercial inspections Electrical • 503-823-7304

General phone number for Commercial inspections Plumbing • 503-823-7302

General phone number for Commercial inspections Structural & Mechanical • 503-823-7303

Requests for Inspection and Inspection Results • 503-823-7000

General phone number for Onsite Septic Permits and Inspections • 503-823-6892

Land Use

General phone number for Land Use • 503-823-7526

Land Use Records Management 

Land Use Records Management • 503-823-7617

Management contact names and numbers for all permitting bureaus 

 Get manager names and phone numbers for BDS, Environmental Services, Fire & Rescue, Transportation, Urban Forestry and Water.

Make permit payment by phone

Cashier phone number to pay for a permit by phone • 503-823-5161

Media inquiries 

General phone number for Media Inquiries • 503-865-6236

Other City bureaus 

Search this site by bureau name (for example, Environmental Services) to get general contact information for other bureaus. You can also contact Development Managers and Supervisors at all Permitting bureaus.


General phone number for Permitting • 503-823-7357

General phone number for the Simple Bathroom Permit Program • 503-823-9258

Planning & Zoning 

General phone number for Planning & Zoning • 503-823-7526

Records Requests 

General phone number for Records Requests • 503-823-7660

Sign Permits 

General phone number for Sign Permits • 503-823-7996

General email for Portable Signs

Site Development and Septic Review

General phone number for Site Development and Septic Review • 503-823-6892

Structural Engineering Plan Review

General phone number for Structural Engineering Plan Review • 503-823-1302

Trade Permits (Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical) Information

General phone number for Trade Permits • 503-823-7363

Development Services organizational chart