Maintaining Accessory Short-Term Rental Permits and Conditional Uses

Learn about maintaining your accessory short-term rental (ASTR) Type A permit or Type B Conditional Use. Get information about what records to keep and what needs to be in ads. Learn more about compliance and penalties.
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Records to keep and actions to take to remain in compliance

For a Type A permit, your permit number will be mailed to you (View a sample permit). Prominently display your permit in the rental unit so it can be seen by all short-term renters. Include the permit number in all advertising and listing services.

For Type B Conditional Use Reviews, your recorded decision with conditions of approval will be mailed to you. Conditions of Approval are specific to each Type B. Ensure that you read and implement all Conditions of Approval.

You must keep and maintain a guest log book. Record the names and home addresses of guests, guest’s license plate numbers if traveling by car, dates of stay and the room assigned to each guest. The log must be available for inspection by City staff upon request.

Keep your business license for your short-term rental current with Portland Revenue. You may need to collect transient lodging taxes (occupancy tax) from your overnight guests. Pay these taxes to the City of Portland and to Multnomah County. For more information contact City of Portland Revenue.

Type A permits must be renewed by the applicant every two years. Type A permits will need to be updated if the resident changes.

A new Type A permit is required if there is a change of ownership.

Type B Conditional Use approvals do not need to be renewed. They are transferable with the sale of the house.

A Type B Conditional Use that ceases operations for more than three consecutive years loses its conditional use status and would need to apply for a new Conditional Use Review.

Operating an accessory short-term rental without a permit or conditional use approval has costly penalties.

If you operate an accessory short-term rental without the proper permit or conditional use approval, you will be found in violation of Portland City Code and subject to enforcement action. Citations with civil penalties may be issued for violations of Chapter 33.207.

For more information on enforcement rules and policies, please review the Permanent Rule on Accessory Short-Term Rental (ASTR) Enforcement. 

To review citation fees, please check out the fee schedule.

  • A Type A accessory short-term rental permit can be revoked for failure to comply with the regulations of Chapter 33.207. If you have a short-term rental permit revoked, you can't get a new permit at that site for two years. This is in addition to other enforcement actions for continued non-compliance. 
  • If a Type B accessory short-term rental is not compliant with the Conditional Use land use review approval, it will be found in violation of Portland City Code and subject to enforcement action. Citations with civil penalties may be issued for violations of Chapter 33.207 or an approved land use review.

Tenants and your responsibilities 

Guests must respect the neighborhood and be courteous to neighbors. Noisy guests, late-night activity and street parking are some of the livability issues that you should consider. Your attention to these issues will help make your accessory short-term rental a success.


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