Accessory short-term rental (ASTR) Type B Conditional Uses - 3-5 Bedrooms

Learn about accessory short-term rentals (ASTR) when you have 3-5 bedrooms to rent out. Get all required forms for ASTR Type B Conditional Use Reviews for rental units, mother-in-law apartments, renting out part of your home, renting out a bedroom, and basement units.
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You can apply for a conditional use review by email or by mail. 

Read this information before you apply for a Type B accessory short-term rental conditional use

Learn more about Type B accessory short-term rental conditional use requirements 

You must have a Type B Accessory Short-Term Rental Conditional Use if your vacation rental has three to five bedrooms. You may rent up to five bedrooms to overnight guests. This also applies to a multi-dwelling development like a condominium building. In addition: 

Apply for a Conditional Use Review 

Before you apply, review the Type B Accessory Short-Term (ASTR) Rental Zoning Code Information Guide. These accessory short-term rentals go through a discretionary Type II or Type III Conditional Use land use review. 

For more information about applying, please review the Conditional Use Reviews webpage. You may also contact Planning and Zoning to discuss the Land Use Conditional Use review process.

We review your application for compliance with the use-related regulations and standards of Portland City Code 33.207.050. We can use your Oregon Driver’s License or Oregon Identification Card to verify occupancy. The accepted form of identification is not allowed to include a separate mailing address unless it is a P.O. Box or PMB address.

Your accessory short-term rental is allowed when we approve the land use review, the decision is recorded with the county recorder, and all necessary Conditions of Approval have been met. You don't have to complete any other application form or complete any other neighborhood notification.

Transportation analysis for Type B conditional use reviews

A full traffic study is no longer required for Type B ASTR applications. The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) requires applicants to provide a narrative to address transportation-related criteria.

Get ready for rental inspections 

Find out what to expect during rental inspections

If we approve the Conditional Use land use review, you'll need to complete a site inspection to verify the bedroom requirements. This needs to happen before you begin to operate the accessory short-term rental.

You'll need to send us a Request for Residential Fee Paid Inspection - Code Evaluation Inspections form. Then, we can complete the bedroom inspection. The fee is listed on the request form. Mail the form to the Property Compliance Division. Checks should be made payable to the City of Portland. 

The inspection verifies that the bedrooms you rent to overnight guests follow the requirements of 33.207.050.B.4. 

Inspection process for Type B accessory short-term rentals 

If an inspection verifies that the required smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms were not installed at the time of the initial inspection or that the bedrooms are not legal, a re-inspection fee will be charged after the corrections have been made. Learn more about requirements for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

There are additional requirements for Type B Accessory Short-Term Rentals that are proposed in buildings subject to Chapter 13 of the Uniform Building Code.