Short Term Rental (ASTR) 1-2 Bedrooms - Type A Permits

Learn about applying for accessory short-term rental (ASTR) Type A permits for one to two bedrooms. Get an application for a new or renewal rental unit permit for vacation rentals, mother-in-law apartments, renting out part of your home, renting out a bedroom and basement units.
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The Development Services Center is closed to walk-in customers. Access is limited to those who have pre-scheduled appointments to pick up or drop off paper plans. You can apply for a short-term rental permit by mail or email. Get more details about applying using mail or email below.  

Application and Forms

One to two units - single family home or duplex

Three or more dwelling units - triplex, fourplex or more units

Short-term rental permit requirements 

You need a Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental Permit if your vacation rental has 1 or 2 bedrooms. You may rent up to two bedrooms to five overnight guests. This also applies to a multi-dwelling development like a condo development. Also:

Type A short-term rentals with three or more dwelling units

You can use one unit, or 25% of the total number of units in the building, whichever is greater, as a short-term rental. We can approve complete permit applications until you reach the maximum number allowed.

Apply for a short-term rental permit or renew a short-term rental permit

Review all the information about short term rental permits. Then, apply for your permit using the forms above:

  1. Confirm the bedrooms to be rented to overnight guests comply with the requirements of PCC 33.207.040.B.4.
  2. Complete the Neighborhood Notice for your dwelling type. Distribute to all parties listed on the notice.
  3. Fill out the application and checklist for your dwelling type.
  4. Submit your application, copy of neighborhood notification and fee. You can apply by emailing (and mail in your permit fee) or by mail. The permit fee is listed on the application.

For questions about your Type A permit application, contact the Property Compliance Help Line or send us an email

Permit review process 

Development Services will review your application. If we approve your application, a permit will be mailed to you. We'll contact you if your application is incomplete or if there are questions about your application. 

If you have questions, please contact the Property Compliance Help Line. 

Get ready for short-term rental inspections

Find out what to expect during rental inspections

Inspection process for short term rentals with 3 or more units 

Development Services will not randomly inspect bedrooms in multi-dwelling structures and triplexes. They are already inspected under the Portland Fire & Rescue Safety Inspection program. The inspection examines the safety features of common areas including:

  • condition and operation of exit doors
  • emergency lighting
  • exit signs
  • components of fire resistive construction
  • fire extinguishers 
  • records for fire alarm and fire protection systems

Guest bedrooms must have interconnected smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide alarm. Learn more about requirements for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

Other types of accessory short-term rental permits

Read about Type B accessory short-term rentals.