About the Building Code Board of Appeal

The Building Code Board of Appeal is authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.080 and the State of Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

This board consists of three members appointed by the Mayor. The members must be qualified by experience and training to make decisions on matters pertaining to building construction. One member must be a builder and one member must be an architect. The Director of BDS is an ex officio member of the board and is represented by one of the Senior or Chief Plans Examiners on the BDS staff.

The Building Code Board of Appeal hears appeals of building code issues which are appealed beyond the Administrative Appeals Board. The Appeals Board may affirm, annul or modify the action of BDS on the condition that substantially equivalent safety is provided generally conforming to national standards concerning fire prevention, fire safety measures, and building construction requirements for safety.

This board meets as appeals are received.

See the Building Code Appeals Website for information on how to file your appeal.


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