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Alternative Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) Meeting July 2, 2018

Public Meeting
Meeting agenda and meeting minutes from the July 2, 2018 Alternative Technology Advisory Committee meeting.

City of Portland Development Services Alternative Technology Advisory Committee Meeting Notes
July 2, 2018

Attendees: Joshua Klyber, Bob Sweeney, Jeff Cordial, Aron Faegre, Terry Whitehill, Nancy Thorington, Tony Garcia, David Posada, Donna Ruark (notes)

  1. The members were sworn in by Leanne Torgerson.

  2. Since this was the first meeting of the group, everyone introduced themselves and spoke a little bit about their background and interest in alternative technology.

  3. Tony Garcia presented general information/guidelines. This was followed by some discussion.

Tony emphasized that any discussion of the applications should occur at the meetings. There is to be no discussions outside the parameters of the meeting. The best practice would be to communicate at the meeting or through staff.

4. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
The group unanimously elected Joshua Klyber as the committee chair and Aron Faegre as the vice chair.

5. Terry distributed general information about ATAC—the by-laws and a decision-making flowchart

He explained that typically there aren’t a huge amount of applicants. There are currently 2 applicants interested in bringing their projects before the Committee. He said that the process has worked well in the past; most applications go from ATAC to the Building Code Appeals board. The Committee was shut down during the downturn in the economy; it is good to get it going again.

6. General discussion

Joshua asked about term limits—Terry explained that terms are for 3 years, with a 2-term limit. Eventually it would be good to stagger terms, so there is some overlap. The City is also looking for more members, specifically qualified women. Terry asked that members forward possible member’s contact information to him.

Joshua then asked about the general submittal process, and Terry explain that there is a $150 application fee. The issue has to be sustainable or an environmental issue. The applicant presents the application initially, the group looks at the application and discusses it with them, and then it typically moves on to the Building Appeal process. The application/discussion process typically takes 2-3 months, and the recommendation gets formalized. Joshua then asked, what is the criteria for sending an application through ATAC and not directly to appeals? Terry explained that ATAC applications are not site-specific, and sometimes applications aren’t quite ready for the appeals board. Nancy added that ATAC has expertise that the appeals board doesn’t have. Joshua gave the example of clay/straw build.

The board helped flush out that ide and details, and then it was put into a more site-specific appeal. Terry pointed out that other jurisdictions also use City of Portland documents and decisions.

Terry said that the ultimate result will be that the group will formalize a document and that document will be the final recommendation of ATAC and will be posted on the website.

Donna will be scheduling another meeting, hopefully the week of July16, to talk about one and possibly two pending applications. She will email the Conflict of Interest Form to the Committee members. She asked that this either be filled out and emailed back to she and Leanne Torgerson by the next meeting, or a hardcopy can be brought to the meeting. She emphasized that members cannot take part in the next meeting without the form being completed.

The meeting adjourned.

For information about past meeting agendas and minutes, please contact Donna Ruark.