Alternative Technology Advisory Committee Members

The Alternative Technology Advisory Committee, authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.087, assists the Bureau of Development Services in reviewing innovate sustainable building technologies and methods for compliance with the Building Code requirements.

The Committee reviews requests submitted by applicants to determine if emerging technologies can be found to meet the building code, as well as promote a positive impact to the earth’s natural systems. The Committee makes non-binding recommendations to the Director (or designee) of Development Services that can be considered as part of a building code appeal.

The Committee consists of a minimum of three members who are experts in both sustainable technologies and construction practices. The Committee members serve voluntarily and without compensation. The Committee members must be design professionals, construction contractors or persons associated with a university that has an engineering school. The members are appointed by the Director of Development Services. Appointment to the Committee is for a three-year term, with a maximum of two complete terms allowed.

The Committee meets as needed, when applications are received.

Current members of the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee

NameMembership CategoryTerm Expires
VacantAssociated with University-
Jeffrey CordialConstruction ContractorJune 19, 2021 (1st full term)
Aron FaegreDesign ProfessionalJune 19, 2021 (1st full term)
Joshua KlyberConstruction ContractorJune 19, 2021 (1st full term)
David PosadaDesign ProfessionalJune 19, 2021 (1st full term)
Robert SweeneyDesign ProfessionalJune 19, 2021 (1st full term)

Staff to the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee: 
Terry Whitehill, 503-823-6394 | Donna Ruark, 503-823-6251