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About the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee

Learn more about the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee.

In Portland and across the nation, developers have become increasingly interested in having their projects meet sustainability goals and achieve green building certification levels (such as LEED).

As a result, the Development Services has seen a growing desire to use innovative building products or construction practices that support these goals.

Development Services encourages the use of sustainable technologies that promote positive impacts to the earth’s natural systems, but in some cases these technologies are so new that they are difficult to evaluate against building code requirements.

Development Services has established the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee, made up of experts in sustainable technologies and emerging construction techniques, to help the bureau evaluate new technologies. 

An applicant wishing to use an emerging, sustainable technology may submit an application to the Committee along with any available test data, case studies, or relevant information that shows how the technology can meet the building code. The Committee will review the submitted information and make a recommendation to the applicant that can be included as part of a building code appeal.