Adult Care Home Inspection Permits

Learn more about what you need to apply for an adult care home permit in City of Portland. Learn about required inspection for Adult Foster Care Homes.
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We do electrical and housing inspections for Multnomah County's Adult Care Home Program (ACHP).

Step 1. Apply for a permit with Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program

To apply for the City’s adult care permit, first contact Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program.  Call (503) 988-3000 ext. 27123, contact them by email or visit how to become an adult care home operator.

Step 2. Send the Statement of Understanding and Inspection Request for Adult Care Home to Development Services

  • Fill out the Statement of Understanding document. This comes with a packet of materials from the Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program.The property owner of record must sign the statement of understanding.

  • Complete the Inspection Request for Adult Care Home Form. This also comes with a packet of materials from the Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program. 

  • Email both PDFs (not scanned images) to Development Services Trade Permitting. Please include your full name and phone number in the email. 

Step 3. Pay for your permit

  • A staff member from Development Services will call or email you.  They will provide you with the IVR number for your permit and instructions about how to pay.
  • You can pay the fee for your permit one of two ways:

Once the payment has been received a staff member will issue your permit. You can call for an inspection after the permit is issued.

The fee is listed in the Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule> Owner requested inspections> Adult Care Home Safety Inspection.

Step 4: Request an adult care home safety inspection

Complete the following steps to get an inspection:

  • Request an inspection by calling the Request for Inspection and Inspection Results phone number. Enter the IVR number given to you when you purchased the adult care permit. 
  • Request inspection # 440 inspection code to request the safety inspection.  

An inspector will not come until you call and request the inspection 

Step 5: Get ready for your adult care home safety inspection 

The inspector will look for fire, life and safety problems, structural maintenance issues, electrical issues, and work done without permits. 

  • Vacant buildings: If the house has been vacant for at least 3 days, we may be able to conduct the inspection in person.  No one will be allowed in the home while the inspector is inside.  The inspector will need access to the building and all the electrical equipment. 
  • Occupied buildings: The inspector will need to perform a remote video inspection using either Facetime for iPhones or Google Duo for Android Phones.

The housing inspector assigned to this permit will contact you with further information when you call in your inspection request. 

Step 6: Adult care home safety inspection and corrections

After the inspection is approved, BDS will mail the applicant an Adult Care Facility Notice of Compliance. It is the applicant’s responsibility to send that notice with their application to Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program. A copy of the document is also mailed to the homeowner (if the owner is not the applicant).

If the inspector finds any violations, the homeowner and applicant will get a Housing Violation letter. They will need to make corrections within a specific period of time (usually 30 days). Some violations require a licensed contractor to complete the corrections. The licensed contractor must get a separate permit(s) for these corrections. If corrections are not made in time, the City will add fees or fines to the total charges.

For questions about ACHP inspections, please contact the Property Compliance Help Line.


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