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LU 22-141452 AD - APPEAL

APPELLANT: Tatiana Lifshitz

SITE: 7290 SW 13TH DR , PORTLAND, Oregon, 97219

CITY CONTACT: Amanda Rhoads, BDS, 503-865-6514

Appeal of an Approval of the following Adjustments to Zoning Code Section 33.120.215.B.1 and Table 120-3 to increase the maximum height limit of the RM1 zone for all four proposed buildings from 35 feet to between 45.5 feet and 56.5 feet, as described below:

  • Building 1 (units 1-4) proposed height: 49.1 feet;
  • Building 2 (units 5-8) proposed height: 56.5 feet;
  • Building 3 (units 9-10) proposed height: 50.1 feet; and
  • Building 4 (units 11-12) proposed height: 45.5 feet.

Approval is per the approved plans, Exhibits C.1 through C.4, signed and dated March 10, 2023, subject to the following conditions:

A.           As part of the building permit application submittal, each of the 4 required site plans and any additional drawings must reflect the information and design approved by this land use review as indicated in Exhibits C.1-C.4.  The sheets on which this information appears must be labeled, "Proposal and design as approved in Case File # LU 22-141452 AD.”

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