Adoption of Administrative Rules 6.01 Ombudsman’s Office Policies & Procedures and 10.01 Fraud Hotline | April 2024

Public Notice
The City Auditor’s Office has adopted new administrative rules effective April 10, 2024.

The City Auditor has adopted the following new administrative rules, which were available for public comment from March 6, 2024, to April 5, 2024:

ARA 6.01 Ombudsman’s Office Policies & Procedures 

ARA 10.01 Fraud Hotline

Summary of changes

ARA 6.01 has been amended with edits to ensure plain language and consistency with the format of other Auditor’s Office Administrative Rules.  It has also been revised to reduce repetition of provisions in City Code 3.77, to provide additional narrative description of the Ombudsman Office’s intake and complaint handling process, and to add information about the Ombudsman’s Office’s policies and procedures concerning anonymous complaints and protecting complainants’ confidentiality.

ARA 10.01 has been amended to further clarify the purpose and scope of the hotline by including more information on what the hotline is able and unable to investigate; amending the definitions of fraud, waste, and abuse; and when tips will be referred to other entities. It also makes updates to the reporting and notification requirements to account for City officials’ roles in the new form of government.


Portland City Charter Section 2-506(a) authorizes the City Auditor to establish rules for the Office of the Auditor. 

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