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Adoption of Revised Administrative Rule | June 2022

The City Auditor adopts the following interim administrative rule, effective June 24, 2022, and for a period of not more than 180 days: ARA 8.03 Public Records Requests.

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Domestic Violence Response: Special Victims Unit benefits from collaboration with partners, but patrol officers need more training

The City Auditor’s Independent Police Review (IPR) found that the Portland Police Bureau’s Special Victims Unit benefits from co-location and collaboration with service partners but officers responding to the initial calls need more trauma-informed training.


2021 Annual Report

Our annual report for 2021 describes changes in workload, regaining compliance with the Department of Justice, and summarizes a policy review of how language services are used by the Police Bureau.


Fraud Hotline Report: Funds wasted at veteran apartment complex

The Joint Office spent over $850,000 in rent to house needy veterans but allowed the property to deteriorate into unsafe, unsanitary conditions leaving the office scrambling to find new shelter. Without adequate oversight, the office risks wasting money intended to aid Portlanders without housing.


Audit Update: New procedure reflects lessons learned from pandemic grants

This is a one-year follow-up to our 2021 report, "Prosper Portland Emergency Grants: Standards needed to ensure program integrity."

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Quarterly Report – Q1 2022

View Independent Police Review's 1st quarterly report of 2022.

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Now Available: City of Portland Disclosures (Quarter 1, 2022) for Lobbying, Political Consultants, and Calendars

First Quarter 2022 disclosures for City lobbying, political consultants, and City official business calendars are now available for the public to view. Highlights are included below.

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Audit Update: Lents Urban Renewal – Spending continues, changes unlikely

This is a two-year follow-up to our 2020 report, "Lents Urban Renewal: 20 years of investment with minimal evaluation."

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Parks partially addressed wasteful spending

This is a follow-up to our 2020 hotline investigation that found wasteful spending in the Park Ranger Program.

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Lessons Learned: City’s response to protests exposed vulnerabilities in Portland’s police accountability system

The 2020 murder of George Floyd sparked more than 100 nights of protest in Portland. Complaints of officer misconduct at these events exposed inadequacies with the City’s ability to hold officers accountable. We recommend operational and policy improvements to strengthen the accountability system.


Police Intelligence-Gathering and Surveillance: Better management needed to protect civil rights

Keeping information about political activity and using surveillance technology without safeguards infringes on First Amendment rights. Police need direction about what to collect and a process to manage records when there is no criminal activity. The Bureau also needs improved technology policies.


Audit Update: City reviewing Enhanced Services Districts, Code changes possible in September

This is a one-year follow-up to our 2020 report, "Enhanced Services Districts: City provides little oversight of privately funded public services."

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Audit Update: City improved commitments to voters, but implementation hasn’t been publicly reported

This is a second annual follow-up to our 2019 report, "The City needs to make realistic commitments to voters and ensure they are delivered."

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Audit Update: City Improved Transparency and Accountability of the Cannabis Tax

This is a two-year follow-up to our 2019 report, "Cannabis Tax: Greater transparency and accountability needed."

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Portland Clean Energy Fund: Additional steps needed to implement voter-approved program

Voters approved a tax to create the Portland Clean Energy Fund in 2018 as an ambitious way to tackle climate change and social inequities. This audit found that the program began putting management systems in place but other elements were not yet implemented or needed direction from City Council.


Notice of Proposed Rulemaking | February 2022

The City Auditor proposes the following revised administrative rule for adoption: ADM 8.03 Public Records Requests.

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Auditor's 2021 Accountability Report

The Auditor’s Office conducts independent assessments of Portland government, impartial investigations of community members’ complaints, and provides a variety of services that make the City more accessible. This report highlights the breadth and depth our work in 2021.


Portland Parks Golf program teeing up to meet recommendations from 2019 audit

This is a two-year follow-up to our 2019 report, "Portland Parks Golf: Changes needed to ensure long-term sustainability."

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Taxes, fines, and fees: Customers who owe caught in maze of inconsistent and uncoordinated collection strategies

The City’s decentralized way of collecting taxes, fines, and fees requires Portlanders to navigate different approaches that may cause harm, especially to people with limited English proficiency or means. We recommend improvements to this disjointed experience for City residents and businesses.


2021 Fraud Hotline Annual Report

The Auditor’s Office Fraud Hotline provides City employees and members of the public a way to confidentially report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse of position by or against the City.