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Is there a City program that could work better? Submit your ideas!
We are developing ideas for areas to audit over the next year and want your input.

Is there a City program that could work better?
We are developing ideas for areas to audit over the next year and want your input. City managers make choices everyday about how City Council policies are implemented, operations are run, and programs deliver services. Our audits focus on whether these choices result in efficient, effective, and equitable government for Portlanders.

What is helpful: Your perspective on what’s working and not working in your interactions with the City. How is the condition of your streets and parks? Have City employees responded well when you’ve sought information or help? Are City services meeting your expectations? Are they fair? What about public safety services, which combined cost taxpayers the most of any budget item?

What is not helpful:

  • Topics about other city, county, regional, or state governments. We can’t audit their programs, but they usually have their own auditors to hear your ideas.
  • Opinions on City Council’s policy choices. Our audits focus on how well Council’s choices are implemented by City managers. You can share your opinions on the choices themselves with individual Council members or by signing up to speak at their weekly public meetings.

Once we have your ideas, we will arrange them in order of priority based on relevance to the community and greatest risk of the City not meeting performance expectations. We wish we could audit them all but can only select a handful based on the number of auditors we have on staff to do the work.

Have an audit idea? Please fill out the topic suggestion form.

Find examples of our past audits here:

Sign up to speak at City Council here: