Adopted Human Resources Rules for Auditor's Office

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Recent changes to City Charter increased the independence of the Auditor’s Office from City bureaus. Among the changes were authorizing the City Auditor to adopt rules for the Auditor’s Office and make decisions related to human resources.

The Auditor’s Office posted its proposed Rules for Human Resources for public comment, a 15-day period that ended Nov. 30, 2017. Rules also underwent a final legal review by the City Attorney’s Office, an outside law firm, and the Auditor’s General Counsel.

The following rules were adopted Dec. 11, 2017 after soliciting and considering public and employees' comment on proposed versions. The rules cover at-will and non-represented employees in the Auditor’s Office. Versions of these rules with associated guidance and links to corresponding adopted rules, where applicable, will be posted no later than April 20, 2018 (90 business days).


Equal Employment


Employee Behavior and Expectations



Employee Movement

Classification and Compensation

Employee Development

Employee Benefits

Ethical Conduct