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What we're working on into 2022

Take a look at our progress across different audit topics.
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City fees, fines and collections

We are writing the report to share the results of our audit of the City’s approach to fines, fees, and collections. Sign up to receive an update when we release the report.

Please email questions to Martha Prinz.

Portland Clean Energy Fund

We audited the Portland Clean Energy Fund, which voters adopted in 2018. The program taxes large businesses to pay for grants to nonprofits that fund eco-friendly, social justice-oriented projects. We are writing the audit report. Sign up to receive an update when it is released.

Please email questions to Gordon Friedman.

Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities

We audited the City’s emergency preparedness and response for people with disabilities. We are writing the audit report. Sign up to receive an update when it is released. 

Please email questions to Alexandra Fercak.

Fire and Rescue’s investigation and discipline processes

We restarted an audit looking at the consistency of the complaint, investigation and discipline processes at the Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau. The audit was paused at the Bureau’s request due to workforce demands related to COVID-19.

Please email Jenny Scott to provide feedback or get more information.

Inclusionary Housing 

We have launched an audit of Inclusionary Housing – rules under which apartment developers must keep some of their units affordable for 99 years. City Council adopted these rules in 2016 and the Portland Housing Bureau is in charge of the permitting and oversight. The audit will be completed in early 2022.

Please email Minh Dan Vuong with any input or questions.

Police Intelligence Gathering

The Police bureau gathers intelligence to both identify future crime trends and plan responses to upcoming incidents or crimes. State law outlines information the police must avoid when gathering intelligence in order to protect civil rights. The context for the audit was an unprecedented number of street protests in response to George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer. Our audit objective is: Did police gather intelligence and conduct criminal investigations in a manner that protected privacy and civil liberties during the protests that occurred between May 2020 and May 2021?

We plan to:

  • Review bulletins and threat assessments developed by the Criminal Intelligence Unit
  • Review arrests and investigation files
  • Compile a list of all surveillance technology used by the Bureau as well as related policies and procedures
  • Review the Criminal Intelligence Unit’s use of social media
  • Review video footage collected by the Air Support Unit during protests

To find out more about how we arrived at this objective, see our End of Planning Document.

If you want to share your thoughts about police intelligence gathering during the protests, or would like a notice when the audit is complete, please email Elizabeth Pape.

Parks fiscal management at Portland Parks & Recreation

Respondents to City surveys say their favorite part of where they live is access to outdoor and natural areas. Yet, Portland Parks & Recreation struggled with a $6.3 million budget shortfall in 2019, and significantly reduced operations during the pandemic. We recently started an audit to examine the current fiscal management of the bureau.

We want to engage with community members to help inform our audit focus. Please email Tenzin Gonta with any input or questions.

Visit our audit report page to read what we've recently released.

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