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Information Technology Acquisition

We are auditing how the City buys information technology. This audit will look at the role of the Bureau of Technology Services, bureaus that get new information technology to deliver their services, and risks in the process. 

Please email Minh Dan Vuong with feedback or questions.

Vision Zero

We recently started an audit of the Vision Zero program that the City of Portland adopted in 2016. The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on the roads inside the City of Portland. This audit is in the planning stage we have yet to identify an audit scope or objective.

Please email Bob Mackay with feedback or questions.

Joint Office of Homeless Services

The City of Portland and Multnomah County are working on renewing their intergovernmental agreement for the Joint Office of Homeless Services. The Joint Office oversees the delivery of services to people experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County. We recently started an audit to examine the operations and effectiveness of the Joint Office, and at this point we have not identified an audit scope and objective.

We are asking community members to help inform our audit focus. Please email Elizabeth Pape with your feedback or questions. 

Inclusionary Housing 

We have launched an audit of Inclusionary Housing – rules under which apartment developers must keep some of their units affordable for 99 years. City Council adopted these rules in 2016 and the Portland Housing Bureau is in charge of the permitting and oversight. The audit will be completed in early 2022.

Please email Jenny Scott with any input or questions.

Parks fiscal management 

Respondents to City surveys say their favorite part of where they live is access to outdoor and natural areas. Yet, Portland Parks & Recreation struggled with a $6.3 million budget shortfall in 2019, and significantly reduced operations during the pandemic. We recently started an audit to examine the current fiscal management of the bureau.

We want to engage with community members to help inform our audit focus. Please email Tenzin Gonta with any input or questions.

Fire and Rescue workload management

We recently started an audit of workload management at Portland Fire and Rescue. Workload management is the process of how employees are used to help an organization best achieve its goals. We have not decided on the scope or objectives of the audit.

Please email Martha Prinz with feedback or questions.

Visit our audit report page to read what we've recently released.

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