Fraud Hotline

Black, red, and orange logo of the Portland Fraud Hotline.
The City Auditor’s Fraud Hotline provides City of Portland employees and the public with a confidential way to report suspected fraud, waste or misuse of City resources, and abuse of position.

Make sure you understand the types of complaints we can – and cannot – investigate.

We CAN investigate complaints where:

  • Someone who works for the City or is a contractor working for the City stole something from the City. They stole money, equipment, supplies, data, time, or something else.
  • Someone who works for the City or is a contractor of the City cheated the City some other way. They submitted a fake invoice. They falsified a timesheet or spent more than they should have on something, even if it was unintentional.   
  • Someone who works for the City used the fact that they work for the City to give a friend or relative more help than they should have with a City matter. They helped their relative get a City job they weren’t qualified for and didn’t disclose they knew the person. They made sure their friend got a City contract when they weren’t as well qualified as someone else.    

We CANNOT investigate situations where:

  • The fraud was not related to City government. For example, someone stole your money on eBay or convinced you to get money out of your bank account for services you never received. Even if this happened within City limits, fraud hotline staff do not have the power to investigate it.  
  • You are unhappy with something the City did or did not do. There are other ways to get involved, or express your opinion, but that is not something we can investigate because it isn’t fraud, waste, or abuse. Calling the City’s 311 system (dial 311) or sending 311 an email may help you get more information about where to turn.

    View our other resources to report wrongdoing that isn’t within our power to investigate.

If your complaint falls into the “we CAN investigate” category, file a report online or call the Hotline to make a confidential complaint. The more information we have, the better we can investigate your claim.

File a report online  - OR -  Call the Portland Fraud Hotline: 866-342-4148

Not sure if what you saw, or suspect, is worth reporting? File a report. We would rather you report a situation that turns out to be harmless than let fraud or waste go unchecked.

The information here can help you decide:

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