Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Decorative icons illustrating elements of the strategic plan.
We audit to promote effective, efficient, equitable, and fully accountable City government for the public benefit.

Independence | Impact | Objectivity | Innovation | Civic-mindedness

Goal 1: Issue timely, relevant, impactful audits


  • Audit topics that matter.
  • Analyze for equitable outcomes.
  • Use innovative approaches.
  • Improve follow up and reporting on audit recommendations.

Goal 2: Inform audit work by ongoing engagement with the community


  • Incorporate community perspectives in our audit work.
  • Build ongoing connections to community groups.

Goal 3: Communicate our results and our role


  • Create compelling products targeted to specific audiences.
  • Develop new ways to communicate audit work to non-traditional audiences.

Goal 4: Strengthen team capacity and job satisfaction


  • Ensure staff have the technology and training to do an excellent job.
  • Improve project team effectiveness.
  • Develop a culture of open, constructive feedback.