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Financial Audits

Financial audits are an important resource for community members to understand the financial shape of the City government.
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Where to find financial audits

The accounting departments of the City of Portland and Prosper Portland prepare financial statements, also known as Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFRs). An external financial auditor audits these financial statements every year and issues audit opinions:

What is a financial audit?

The City's financial statements are an important resource for community members, decision-makers, taxpayers, and investors to understand the financial shape of City government. The financial statements undergo an independent, external audit to determine if the statements fairly represent the City's actual financial position.

Our financial audits follow applicable federal and Oregon laws and regulations, and professional standards, including Government Auditing Standards.

What is the role of the Auditor's Office?

The City Auditor's Office contracts with an external auditor - a firm of certified public accountants - to complete these financial audits, further supporting the independence of the financial auditor. The Audit Services Division manages the contract, and coordinates and monitors the audit. City Charter and City Code describe these responsibilities for the City Auditor's Office.