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Request a Public Record

Request specific records maintained within a City bureau and view online resources for records that may already be available.

Check to see if records are already available online

Can't find what you're looking for? Submit a public record request online

  1. Submit a public record request online through the Portland Public Records Center.
    The City encourages the use of the online system. The system is designed to streamline the public records request process, provide quicker responses from City bureaus, and simplify the management of responses to requests involving multiple City bureaus.
  2. Or, if you can't file a request online or need an accommodation, contact the designated individual for the bureau or office that may have the records you're looking for. You may be asked to print and mail or submit in person a public records request form:

Fees may apply to fulfill your records request. View the City's fee schedule for more information about standard fees, staff time that may be charged, or other bureau/office-specific charges that may be calculated.

Data Dashboard

The Records Request Data Dashboard is updated monthly and shows basic data, including average response times, regarding records requests received by the City of Portland.

Annual Reports

The City of Portland annually releases a report providing detailed information regarding records requests and the work of the City of Attorney's Office's Legal Records Team.

Annual Report for 2022-23