Records Center

Information and procedures for the City of Portland Archives and Records Center

ANNOUNCEMENT: PARC staff are telecommuting and are only on-site for urgent matters. Our normal operations are suspended and we have instituted limited services. If you need records from the Records Center, please contact PARC at 503-865-4100 or

The Records Center's role is to provide secure storage and maintenance for the City’s business records. All records are managed according to the City’s records retention schedules.

The staff works with City employees to identify and retrieve records stored in the facility. Requests from City agencies are normally fulfilled the next business day.  Extensive requests involving reference assistance may be referred to the Archives’ staff.

Sending records to the Records Center

Sending records to the Records Center (PARC) is easy, but it requires a few specific steps to get it right: 

1. Read through the Record Activity Notice Tutorial and the Box Packing Tutorial

Whether this is the first time you’ve sent records to the Records Center or you need a refresher, your first step is to read through the two tutorials. The tutorials will answer most of your questions, but please contact us if you have additional questions. 

We also offer regular training sessions for groups. Look for training dates here or contact us to arrange for a session for your work group. Please note:  While we do train seasonal and temporary employees, a full-time/permanent employee must attend the training at the same time.  Since temporary employees usually leave after the project, we require that a full-time/permanent employee serve as the main point of contact for sending records to PARC.  

2. Pack the boxes 

You must use the records center boxes available here. No other types of boxes are accepted without pre-approval. 
Consult the Box Packing tutorial if this is your first time or you need a refresher.  

Special note: If you have records that are 25 years or older, materials from executive level employees who have left the city, or original policy materials, please go to this page for help. 

3. Fill out the Records Activity Notice (RAN) 

You must fill out the RAN and have it approved before you can send your boxes to PARC. This can be done at the same time you are filling your boxes. There are six sheets included in the RAN Excel workbook. The first three sheets (blue tabs) are instructions for filling out the forms and for packing the boxes.  The second three sheets (purple tabs) are the forms you’ll need to complete. Please read the instruction sheets first, and then fill out the Box List, the Folder List, and Transfer Sheet. If you have questions about filling out the RAN, review  the RAN Workbook Tutorial  and the Box Packing Tutorial before you start filling out the RAN workbook. 

4. Send the RAN to for approval 

When you're finished filling out the forms, save the file and attach the entire RAN workbook to an email and send it to for review and approval. If we encounter any problems with your RAN or boxes, you’ll need to correct the issues. We will contact you about what corrections need to be made.

5. Submit a box pick-up through P&D 

When your RAN is approved, you will receive an email with a Confirmation number and instructions for contacting P&D for shipment to PARC.