City of Portland's Archives and Records debuts oral history program

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The City of Portland’s Archives and Records Center debuted its oral history program today with the release of its inaugural interview with former City Commissioner Mike Lindberg. 

The Auditor’s Office, which includes Archives and Records Management, launched the oral history program this year to add dimension and perspective to City history beyond the usual documents that record Portland’s official business. 

Lindberg’s leadership tenure as the director of Public Works and then Planning and Development in the 1970s and as a Commissioner in from 1979 to 1997 made him a valuable source of information about numerous projects, including the development of Pioneer Square, construction of the Rose Garden Arena, environmental clean-up of the Willamette River, and the emergency response to the Mount Saint Helen’s eruption.     

“Recordings of people telling their stories adds a richness to Portland’s history that has been missing from our archival work,” said City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero. “Oral histories are a welcoming path to a fuller exploration of Portland’s milestone events and how, in their own words, they were influenced by City officials, employees, and community members.” 

You can find Mr. Lindberg’s recorded interview and more information about the program here.  

The program will continue to gather, preserve, and amplify stories about projects, activities, and policy decisions of City government. If you would like to suggest a project or theme to explore, you may submit it through this survey: 

Archives and Records Management operates the Portland Archives and Records Center, which is located on the Portland State University campus. The center makes publicly available administrative and historical records accessible online and in-person by appointment. It also hosts Vintage Portland on Facebook and Instagram. More information about Archives and Records Management is available here: