Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits
Exhibits included here highlight the City's collections and history.

The City of Portland Archives is excited to announce a new exhibit, Portland Streetcars: 1870s - 1950sIn the 1870s, Portland was a new city that was growing quickly. The introduction of the streetcar system helped to expand the City’s boundaries and made suburban expansion possible. Check out the new exhibit from the Portland City Archives and explore the development and the evolution of the streetcar systems in the City of Portland. The exhibit is available to view online and in person at the City of Portland Archives and Records Center.

Graphic with light blue text that reads "Portland Streetcars 1870s - 1950s" is overlaid a collage of archival streetcar ephemera including tickets and schedules.

Also new to our online exhibits is Never Built: Pioneer Courthouse Square. Pioneer Courthouse Square has been known as Portland’s living room since 1984 and serves as the civic centerpiece of the city. Prior to the construction of the square, a design contest was held. The winners designed the square we see and enjoy today. This exhibit explores the designs of the contest finalists that were not selected and leaves us with the question, what if? Visit the new online exhibit and explore these projects through materials from the City of Portland Archives.

A black-and-white architectural drawing of a busy city square with glass buildings on the left and large fir trees on the right. People drawn in outline walk on the square in the foreground. Overlaid bold blue text reads, "Never Built: Pioneer Courthouse Square"

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