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Advisory Groups

Advisory groups are boards, commissions, and committees that advise City of Portland staff and officials.

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BRFS Accounting advisory committee.
Advisory group
The Adjustment Committee reviews adjustment requests to the development standards of Title 33 [Planning and Zoning Regulations].
Partner organizations working together to advance the community-based housing initiative.
The Alternative Technology Advisory Committee, authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.087, assists the Bureau of Development Services in reviewing innovate sustainable building technologies and methods for compliance with the Building Code requirements.
Annual budget advisory committee for the Office of the City Attorney.
Advisory group
BHU Advisory Committee meetings are held eleven times a year at the Justice Center.
The 20-member volunteer Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) meets monthly to review projects of interest to cyclists and discuss bike issues. The committee advises City Council and bureaus on all bicycle-related matters.
Advisory group
Policy setting board for FPDR

Advisory group
The official body appointed by City Council to monitor the implementation of the 2016 Portland Housing Bond.
Informs and advises on how BPS prioritizes its resources to achieve desired community outcomes through an annual budgeting process.
The Budget Advisory Committee evaluates the Bureau’s budget request using the City’s budget directions, the Bureau’s financial resources and customer needs. The committee then presents recommendations to the Director of the Bureau of Development Services.
The Building Code Board of Appeals hears appeals of building code issues which are appealed beyond the Administrative Appeals Board.
Advisory group
The Bureau Advisory Committee (BAC) provides guidance to Civic Life's leadership on important bureau decisions including its goals, program priorities, and spending. We are now recruiting new members! Applications due by August 24, 2020, find out more here: https://bit.ly/33hwn5L
Bureau budget advisory committees (BACs) discuss and advise upon bureau budget decisions. Because of the critical, sustained interaction between decision makers and community members, participation in the committees is one of the most effective ways to provide input throughout the budget process.
Advisory group
Representing a broad set of community and business perspectives, this working group offers strategic advice to the PBOT Director and project staff to help them successfully implement projects recommended in the Central City in Motion plan.
Advisory group
The eleven-member committee was created in 2001 to help improve police accountability, promote higher standards of police services, and increase public confidence. Volunteer CRC members are appointed by City Council.
Clean Air Construction Intergovernmental Oversight Committee ("CAC Committee") was established in October 2020, via an intergovernmental agreement, to oversee the implementation of the Clean Air Construction Standard.