Optional Demographic Survey

In an effort to measure how well the City of Portland is serving the community, the following questions aim to help us understand who is interacting with our digital services offerings.

2 to 4 minutes

Public Records Disclosure Clause: The information you are providing on this form is available to the public through a public records request. Please do not include confidential or sensitive information.

Which of the following describes your racial or ethnic identity? Please select ALL that apply.
How do you identify your gender? Please select ALL that apply.
What is your total household income? (Those who dwell together and/or compose a family). Please select one.
Do you identify with having or living with a disability? Please select one.
Please describe the nature of your disability. Please select ALL that apply.
Are you an enrolled member, and/or a descendant, of a Federal or State recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaskan Native Village/Corporation? Mark and describe all that apply.
Your comments are appreciated, but as this is an anonymous survey we will not be able to respond. If you had any issues filling out the form, please contact 311.
What is the type of project you are applying for?
What is your relation to the project?