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Anyone who has questions about City of Portland or Multnomah County programs or services or who needs to report a non-emergency issue within Multnomah County can use PDX 311.
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You can reach the PDX 311: 

PDX 311 Customer Service Representatives are available by phone Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., excluding Federal Holidays.  

Staff are fluent in English, Spanish, Romanian, and Tagalog and have resources to assist community members in additional languages. 

Reaching PDX 311 by phone 

Any landline or cell phone that has service and is physically located within Multnomah County should be able to connect to PDX 311. You can call PDX 311 from a cell phone that does not have a 503/971 area code if the call is placed from within Multnomah County. If you are unable to successfully dial 3-1-1 and are not using a VOIP or office phone, please report the issue so that we can troubleshoot. Alternatively, you can reach PDX 311 by dialing 503-823-4000

Calling from a VOIP phone 

It is up to individual VOIP providers to make PDX 311 service available to their customers. Once configured, VOIP service should work properly if the user is registered as being located within Multnomah County. If you are a VOIP customer and you are having difficulty calling PDX 311, it is best to contact your respective carrier and let them know you cannot connect. Alternatively, you can reach PDX 311 by dialing 503-823-4000

Calling from a phone in an office or large organization

Many offices and institutions have complex telephone systems that may need to be configured to allow users to dial 311. If your initial attempt to dial 311 doesn’t work, please try dialing 9 first (9-3-1-1). If you are still unsuccessful, you can contact the telecommunications office for your company or institution and request that they reconfigure the system to allow calls to 311. Alternatively, you can reach PDX 311 by dialing 503-823-4000

Calling using a relay service 

If you are calling using any type of relay service, such as video relay, Oregon Relay Service, or TTY, please ask to connect to 503-823-4000 to reach the PDX 311.  

Calling from outside of Multnomah County 

If you are outside of Multnomah County and want to reach a PDX 311 Customer Service Representative, please call 503-823-4000


PDX 311 Customer Service Program

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